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Classic Kodak advertising shot, 1963.

Kodak Advertising shot. 1959.

In preparing publicity for the New York World's Fair in 1964, Kodak brought in Emmett Kelly Jr. for a portrait and several other photo shoots while he was in town. This initial meeting led to a great collaboration between Neil and Emmett which lasted for many years.



Boy on bathroom scale, 1960.

Girl behind frosted glass, Christmas, 1961.



When creating images to advertise Kodak's latest color film, getting a lot of saturated color was usually the order of the day. 



Infused from a young age with an intense sense of patriotism, this Taiwanese boy ran up to salute the passing parade during a national celebration, reminiscent of the iconic image of John F. Kennedy Jr saluting his father's funeral procession.



Maasai tribal women, Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa.

Model in St. Crois, Virgin Islands. This beautiful young lady had just won the title of Miss Virgin Islands.

Venezuelan model taken during one of Neil's South American assignments.

Taiwanese girl inside Buddhist Temple near Taipei, Taiwan.



Model on the South Pacific Island of Guam. The model was Miss Guam.



Brazilan Model circa 1975 near Brasilia.

This simple shot of a cute girl clinging to a beach ball on the South Pacific Island of Saipan was used throughout southeast asia on Kodak film boxes, advertisements and billboards tin the 1980's.

Malaysian Children walking in front of flag painted on school wall.

Mennonite women at Yosemite National Park enjoying the view of Yosemite Valley.



Brazilian model Maria Schwan, on Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro, 1978.

Divers petting Sting Rays off Grand Cayman Island.



Boy from an Amazon Tribe on giant lily pads during an excursion up the Amazon River.



Taiwanese army marching in military parade.



Neil has amassed a collection of vintage nudes spanning more than 30 years. This collection is available for viewing upon request.




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