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Jim Montanus Portfolio - Commercial Photography

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Rochester skyline. Client: Rochester Visitor's Association.

Golisano Institute for Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology

1000 Islands Harbor Hotel, Clayton NY

Newly remodeled clubhouse. Client: Deerfield Golf and Country Club.

Rochester New York Skyline with Douglass Anthony Bridge

Rochester New York Skyline

The historic Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande Florida. It is one of the largest surviving resort hotels in Florida, constructed originally for wealthy
northerners during the time when the state became a travel and vacation destination. It began accepting guests in 1911.

'Jungle House' on Beattie Beach in Greece, New York taken for real estate client. This is a high dynamic range image taken from an exposure bracket
of 7 36-megapixel camera raw images first processed in Adobe Camera Raw and then merged in Photomatix into one HDR image.

One East Avenue (formerly Bank of America building) in downtown Rochester, New York. 
High dynamic range image taken from top of Sibley Building at dusk. Client: Building management company.

Unity Health System Brockport Facility. View larger image.

Capitol Building, Washington D.C.
Displayed as one of the iconic Kodak Coloramas in Grand Central Station in NYC beginning on January 12, 1981 
eginning on January 12,
Although the Capitol rotunda is lit a night, the lower facade is not. For this photo the Capitol was illuminated with portable generators and lights from a film production company. In addition, Neil Montanus had to carry all of his heavy equipment, consisting of his view camera, tripod, and film case, up a narrow stairway to the top of the Library of Congress where the shot was taken. Many of Neil's 40 second exposures at f22 were ruined by lights of airplanes flying in and out of Washington's National Airport or by occasional wind gusts that shook his 8x10 camera. Aware of these problems, Neil shot lots of film and was fortunate to capture at least one perfect image. View larger image

Rochester Riverside Convention Center Ballroom set up for wedding.

High-end residential interiors for real estate client

High dynamic range image of the Bell Mansion on Lake Ontario at Manitou Beach in Greece New York.

 Sodus Point home on Sodus Bay in Wayne County New York

View larger image

The historic Wellesley Hotel in Thousand Island Park, New York.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Kingston Ontario Canada


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Residential Interiors for real estate clients


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