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I've always been interested in the history Love Canal - especially since it was so close to Rochester. So I set out to visit the site to see what was left. It didn't hurt that it's a beautiful ride along Lake Ontario to get there.

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The trip starts out by taking a sweet ride along Lake Ontario between Rochester and Niagara Falls. This old Honda Chopper is suspended in front of a restaurant just outside Wilson, NY.

The historic Ontario House is located in Youngstown, which is a quaint little town on the Niagara River.

More Ontario House...

This is Lewiston New York which is a little farther down the river from Youngstown.

Finally made it to the Falls. This is taken from the US side.

Another Falls shot.

Tourists hiking through the mist.

And after the falls, I finally arrive at Love Canal.

Very few structures remain, but it still had an eerie ghost town feeling.

The place was wide open and you could still drive around on the streets where a middle-class neighborhood once thrived. Here, the sidewalks are barely visible through overgrown grass.

The main containment area of the old dumpsite is fenced off. All water runoff is collected and sent to an on-site water treatment plant. It was impossible to remove all the chemicals. The strategy is to contain them within the dumpsite

I hiked around the old neighborhood looking for signs of the eco-disaster that occurred here 30 years earlier. This was once filled with houses.

A street with the containment area visible to the right.

I found someone's old fenced in yard. Kind of a strange eerie feeling imagining the children who once played here.

There were evidently three households that refused to move out when the government offered to buy out the entire neighborhood. This house - obviously still occupied - was one of three I saw.

An old intersection. It was hard not to try to imagine this neighborhood lined with houses and bustling with activity.

One of the other three residences still occupied.

Other eco-disaster tourists had come from Syracuse to experience Love Canal.

Inside the containment area.

These sewers once had highly toxic and noxious chemicals lurking below. The whole neighborhood was permeated with noxious fumes for years.

An old intersection.


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