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The Southern Tier Enduro Riders put on a nice Dual Sport Trail Ride in Jasper New York on Sunday, May 22, 2005. It was 119.3 miles of scenic dirt roads and varied trails. Very nice ride. We'll be going next year - and I suggest you do too.

Present were Oscar, Trigger, Goona, Dan, John and Matt Ryder.

To see the GPS maps of our ride, click here >>>>>

Dan whacks the throttle to wheelie over a small log on a muddy, rutted out trail.

John taking it a little more carefully.

Oscar following the arrowed course. Barkbusters were a must in this section.

Matt took this picture of Dan, John and Oscar

Dan on a knarly section of the Jasper hare scrambles course, which was a part of the trail ride.

Trigger on another section of the course, which featured several stream beds.

Matt Ryder being followed by Oscar in the background

Dan barking out orders to the photographer


Headed down the stream bed.

A little rough around the edges - and definitely not schooled in the social graces - these inbred rednecks are at home on the trail. Dan, John and Oscar.

Oh, and the lunch stop in Cameron Mills had the largest burgers I've ever seen. In fact, they had so much fat and cholesterol, you had to see what Oscar looked like after eating this one. Click here to see.

Taking a rest on a hillside.
Scroll all the way to the right to see the whole knarly group >>>>>>>>>

Nice, hilly and very rural countryside. Great place for a dual sport ride.

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Jim Montanus' Motorcycle Adventures
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