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Free Facebook Cover Photos!
Terms and Conditions

Show off your hometown to all your friends - wherever they live! Get free Facebook Cover photos of Rochester, NY and surrounding areas by and Neil and Jim Montanus. 

First, please like Montanus Photography on Facebook

Then, simply right-click on one of the images and select "save as" After you have saved it to your computer, simply upload it to Facebook to replace your current cover photo.

Use as many as you want. Change them up as often as you'd like.  Many more photos will be added, so check back on a regular basis.

This waterspout occurred on Lake Ontario off Rochester on September 29, 2012

High Falls District in Rochester, New York looking down Platt Street towards Frontier Field.

Aftermath of the great February snowstorm of 2013. View more storm pictures.

View more like this.

A cold icy Charlotte Pier in Rochester, New York.  View all winter scenes.

Beattie Beach in Rochester, New York along the Lake Ontario shoreline.  View all winter scenes.

A cold icy Charlotte Pier in Rochester, New York.  View all winter scenes.

Sunset viewed from the Manitou Beach Nature Preserve looking roughly west across a bumpy frozen Braddocks Bay.

Foggy night  along the Genesee River in downtown Rochester, NY. This is the walk bridge from Brown's Race/High Falls district over to the Genesee Brewery, known as the Pont De Rennes Bridge. View all Cityscapes.

Foggy night in downtown Rochester, New York looking across the Genesee River towards Genesee Crossroads Park.

Sunset viewed from the Manitou Beach Nature Preserve over a frozen Braddocks Bay.

Sunrise over an icy Lake Ontario as viewed from Beattie Beach near Rochester, NY

Charlotte Pier in the fog near Ontario Beach Park and the Rochester Harbor in Rochester New York.

Rochester Public Library and the Broad Street Bridge, formerly the Erie Canal Aqueduct. .

Lake Ontario transformed into a breathtaking ice world with mountains of ice rising 15-20 feet above the water, a sea of floating icebergs and bizarre formations known as ice volcanoes.

Lightning Storm on Lake Ontario August 24, 2011. View more lightning shots.

Sunrise on Lake Ontario as viewed from Edgemere Drive in Greece.

 Terms and Conditions

- Very simply, by downloading Montanus Photography free Facebook Cover photos, Montanus Photography is giving you permission to use the photograph on your Facebook profile.

- Montanus Photography retains all ownership rights to the image (pretty standard, actually). The Montanus Photography URL (where it says 'montanusphotography.com) cannot be removed from the image or otherwise altered in any way, nor can the image itself be altered in any way.

- And that's it. If you would like to use the photo on your business web site, please contact me first.

Thank you for downloading free Facebook profile pictures from Montanus Photography! We hope you enjoy them.

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